Multi-purpose timekeeping utility for your Palm PDA

MegaClock is a multifunctional clock/alarm/timer/stopwatch utility that enables the user to measure time in almost unlimited ways. The current day and time can be displayed in both Digital and Analog formats. The Alarm view allows the user to set up to 20 different alarms. The Timers view offers 4 countdown clocks which can be run simultaneously. The Stopwatch view will track event times to the hundredth of a second, complete with an unlimited number of split times. The Events view will calculate how far away a user-specified future event (eg, the new year or your wife`s birthday) is in months, weeks, days, hours, minutes or seconds.

But the software can do still more--there are several other views as well. Want to know what time the sun will rise tomorrow in your city? Want to know the minute that the moon will full? What time is it in London right now? In Tokyo? MegaClock has the answer to all of these questions and more!

The software is highly customizable. If the user`s home city is not among the 500 predefined cities in the application, additional cities can be defined (by longitude and latitude) and added to the program`s database. The General view includes a customizable status bar, so the user`s favorite views can be just a tap away at all times. Alarm sounds, color schemes, and hardware button behavior can all be tailored to the user`s individual preferences.



MegaClock 2.30